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2 years old!

Hurrah! Happy birthday to me?! Yes, two years ago I published the first real post on this blog and I have been publishing articles related to analog photography on a not-so-regular schedule ever since. When I started out I was…

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Book review of “A textbook of photographic chemistry” by D. John and G. Field

In my crusade to learn more about photographic chemistry I visited the US, UK and German versions of Amazon’s second hand scene and went on a book buying spree. One of the books that I purchased is “A textbook of…

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Book review of K.I. Jacobson’s ‘Developing – The negative technique’

As it says on the about page of this blog, I am an engineer and scientist and rather technically inclined when it comes to my photography. Especially when it comes to my analog photography, and photo chemistry is a large…

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