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Month: April 2016

The (al)chemist: formulary and chemistry books

For those that keep track of this blog somewhat regularly will not be surprised when I tell you that I am technically inclined. I have an interest in the chemistry of analog photography and recently purchased a few books on the topic. While I am reading them one by one, I am also writing reviews so you know which ones to get yourself. In this post, I will maintain a list of resources for you to┬áconsult and I provide mini-reviews of each. You will find links to the full reviews in the descriptions. This post will be a rolling release,…

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Method: Correcting perspective in the darkroom

Rule number 1 of using wide angle lenses is to keep the film plane parallel to the subject. This rule, however, is more often than not promptly broken, as it is impossible to get the composition you want without tilting the lens up or down. With the lack of tilt- and shift movements on the camera, we have to make a compromise here between the composition and accepting that lines, which used to be nicely parallel, are now all of a sudden converging. Without breaking the bank, the digital photographer just has to dive into his or her favorite photo…

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