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Spreadsheets for photography and printing

I am a nerd. So, I said it. To ease the workflow I sometimes spend some time creating Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that aid in the field and in the darkroom. Below you will find an overview of the spreadsheets that are available. It will be regularly updated. If you find bugs or errors, let me know, so that I can fix it!

Print margins

I use a four bladed printing easle (Photon beard) that allows free choice of print margins. This spreadsheet aids in determining the right margins so that the print is aligned in the right corner, while maintaining the required print size. It also calculates the largest enlargement that is possible from a given negative size and orientation onto a given paper size and orientation.

Download. Version: 1.0, 19-3-2017

Bellows extension factors

Working with a large format camera, the distance between lens and film plane changes with the plane of focus. To correct for this, the exposure time is increased by what is called the bellows extension factor. I own three lenses, a 90 mm, 150 mm and 210 mm lens. This spreadsheet gives the required bellows extension factor expressed in stops, based on the distance between lens board and film plane. It is easily adapted for other lenses too.

Download. Version: 1.0, 19-3-2017

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