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2 years old!

Hurrah! Happy birthday to me?! Yes, two years ago I published the first real post on this blog and I have been publishing articles related to analog photography on a not-so-regular schedule ever since. When I started out I was planning on making it only about making wet prints, then I did some on film and then the entire plan derailed with a camera review, book reviews, home made dark cloths and some brainy stuff. Nevertheless, it has been a fun ride so far and I hope you will excuse my lack of focus to one topic completely.

What’s up for next year, I hear you ask. There are plenty of unfinished drafts on the table and plans in the making. You may expect a review of the Gitzo GT4543LS and Arca Swiss P0, part 2 and 3 of the “what is in a developer”, series, a review of two 90 mm lenses for 4×5, and some practical darkroom chemistry! (Not necessarily in that order)

This blog serves quite a niche, but I am glad to see how big that niche still is. Just some numbers for you here: PrinterAttic had over 200.000 visitors of which 150.000 in the past year, the top three articles on the blog are (1) “Travelling with film: the field test” with over 8000 views, (2) “Camera review: Fuji GS645s” over 7000 views and (3) “The developer decomposed – Part 1: Developing agents” with over 4500 views. For some bloggers this may not seem a lot, but I find it humbling that so many people are interested in these topics and have the stamina to read these often lengthy articles. When I started, I was not expecting more than a 100 readers and that would already have been very satisfying. The fact that so many people actually read the articles (or at least clicked on the links), is probably due to the help of the many great folks on Twitter, that shared my articles with their followers. There are to o many of you to mention, but if you are reading this you know if you are one of them. Thank you!

But most importantly, if you are a regular reader of this blog I’d like to thank you for reading, and I hope to satisfy your curiosity again in the years to come. It is your reading and commenting on the articles, that is an extra motivation to write this blog!


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