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Announcement: #PrintParteh

Although I write about a lot of topics related to analog photography in general, ranging from equipment to film tests, this blog is called Printer Attic. One of the goals of this blog is to spread the love, art and skill of making prints in the darkroom.

On the initiative of avid printer @DrMarsRover, we are hosting the #PrintParteh. This month, a printing party will take place online March 2018.

The schedule is very simple:
March 5, 2018 – March 25, 2018: Print and share your story, your test strips, contact prints, you name it. We want to see your process!
March 26, 2018 – April 1, 2018: Post week. Post a photo of the print (borders and edges of the paper showing) on Twitter and share the results.

Now, people not familiar with the film photography community on Twitter, may ask “what’s a print party?”. So, for this a bit of back story.

@EMULSIVEfilm of the popular website has been hosting film parties on Twitter that typically take 3 weeks. These parties are used as a motivator to get people to try out different film stocks and share the fun and the results. In the first week participants shoot their photos, in week two they develop (or get developed) and scan, and in week three the results are posted on Twitter.

But… what is analog photography without prints? To me, the negative is just an intermediate step, and it is the physical print that is the final product.  Monika thinks so too, and on January 17 put forward the idea of running with the ‘party’ idea and flooding Twitter with prints.

A few days later, and there is an dedicated Twitter account: @PrintParteh (which I recommend you follow to stay up-to-date), and the organization of this party is well under way under the auspices of EMULSIVE.

Do you need to be on Twitter to participate? Yes, you have to. But you can just register and only participate in the party if you want!

Are there any other rules?
There are a few, but only to keep things organized.

  1. Any light sensitive material is okay. You are not limited to silver gelatin. If you want to make platinum/palladium prints, or luminographs, or other use other wet print processes go for it.
  2. Behind the scenes stories and pics are encouraged. Post them during the three weeks of printing.
  3. Tag all relevant posts with with or , so that they are easy to find for other participants.
  4. Post a photo (not a scan) of the final print. If you scan a print, it is too close to scanning a negative. We want to see an image of the entire physical product.
  5. Final prints will be collected in an online gallery here on Printer Attic, so we can all see the fruits of your endeavours.

So, if you haven’t already, come and join us on Twitter. Follow the @PrintParteh account to stay up-to-date. And enjoy the party!

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