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Big summer clear out

After my deliberations of the previous article, I decided to sell most of my unused photography equipment to make room for two small cameras and put what money is left towards funding our wedding. Below you will find photos of all the listings with the price. If you are interested or want to make me an offer send an email to If you found the listing through the website, I will give you a 5% discount.

Canon 6D – Mint condition – SOLD

The body is in (near)mint condition and has no visible wear. With only 5139 shutter actuations on the counter, it is also like new. Comes with the original packaging, two batteries, and a Neewer L-bracket.

Price: 850 euro ex shipping

Canon 70-200 mm f/4L USM – SOLD

Optically and mechanically in perfect condition. Only minor wear in the paint job (See photo). Comes with original packaging.

Price: 450 euro ex shipping

Sigma 24-35 mm F/2 DG HSM Art for EF mount – SOLD

Optically, mechanically and cosmetically in mint condition. Comes with original packaging.

Price: 700 euro 600 euro ex shipping

Canon 430EX II – SOLD

Comes without the original packaging, but is in great condition. Can be tested at my place, but you will have to bring your own camera.

Price: 100 euro ex shipping

Domke F-2 Original in desert tan – NO LONGER FOR SALE

This is an iconic camera bag favoured by photo journalists around the world. Fits one or two (d)SLRs with 2 or 3 lenses. Only the buckles show some wear, otherwise the bag is in great shape.

Price: 80 euro ex shipping

Fuji Fujinon SW 90 mm f/8 for 4×5 – SOLD

This lens is optically in great condition! No scratches, no haze, no lens separation. The shutter has been recently repaired by me, and runs smoothly again.

Image circle: 216 mm of f/22 at infinity. Plenty to cover 4×5 and leave room for adjustments.

Shutter: Seiko No. 0 with Bulb, 1 s, 1/2 s, 1/4 s, 1/8 s, 1/15s, 1/30 s, 1/60 s, 1/125 s, 1/250 s and 1/500 s. No focus lever, so focusing is done in bulb mode.

Aperture: stepless from f/8 to f/64 with marks at 1/2 stop increments.

Filter size: 67 mm

Weight: 407 g (a feather weight in 4×5!)

Price: 250 euro ex shipping

Pentax MX with 50 mm f/1.7 and 40 mm f/2.8 pancake – SOLD

The MX is fully mechanical and will keep shooting even if the battery for the light meter runs out. It is very small and especially with the 40 mm pancake lens will fit inside a coat pocket.

The camera shows normal cosmetic wear, but is otherwise in good condition. Light meter is accurate. Lenses are mechanically and optically in excellent condition.

Price: 150 euro ex shipping for the set. One lens can also be bought separately.

5-in-1 reflector screen with tripod and arm – SOLD

Never need an assistant anymore to hold the reflector! Screen comes in gold, silver, black and white and can also be used as a diffusor. With the tripod and the arm you can position the screen in any orientation.

5-in-1 screen

  • 80 cm diameter when unfolded, 31 cm when folded
  • 4 colors + diffusor

Collapsible light stand

  • Collapsed not taller than 53 cm.
  • Maximum height of 204 cm.

Telescopic arm

  • Maximum length of 192 cm.
  • Can be rotated and locked in any orientation.
  • Has two clamps to hold reflection screens that can be moved to accomodate any size smaller than 192 cm wide.

Price: 45 euro ex shipping

Set of 1 Cactus v2 radio transmitter and 3 receivers/flash triggers – SOLD

Ideal for the starting strobist! Comes with cables to trigger several

Price: 40 euro ex shipping

Yonguo YN-460II flash

Also great for the starting strobist. Fully manual flash which can be rotated and tilted, with sufficient power for many indoor settings.

Price: 30 euro ex shipping

Studio umbrella of 150 cm diameter, reflector – SOLD

A large 150 cm diameter umbrella. Tripod and mount not included.

Price: 35 euro ex shipping

Coman TM287A tripod with C-1 ball head – SOLD

Nice aluminium tripod with little wear. Accepts Arca Swiss style quick mount plates (1 small one included). Only a single paint scratch but otherwise in good shape. Twist locks have recently been lubricated with MoS2 for smooth operation and locking.

One leg can be removed and used as a monopod. The center column can be reversed to allow shooting from extreme low angles. The legs lock in 3 angles.

When used as a monopod it has a minimum height of 48 cm and a maximum height of 150 cm. When used as a tripod it has a minimum height of 16 cm and a maximum height of 150 cm or 174 cm with the center column lowered or raised, respectively.

Collapsed it is no taller than 42 cm. Comes with a small Arca style quick release plate and a carrying pouch.

Price: 100 euro ex shipping

Rogue Combo Filter kit with 20 gel filters for your speedlight – SOLD

A kit of 20 gel colour correction filters for use on a speedlight. Flash not included. In very good condition and seldomly used.

Price: 18 euro ex shipping.

Two umbrella mounts for light stands – SOLD

The title already says it.

Price: 15 euro for the pair ex shipping.

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