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Self portrait on the Toyo 45A ground glass.

In the past years, analog photography has seen a resurgence. We are shooting film again! Some send their rolls out for development, while others choose to do it at home. For many people the process ends behind the computer with a scanned negative. This blog is devoted in full to making wet prints in the dark room. I spend my spare time in the dark room developing film and making prints. At the Printer Attic, I will take you along my personal learning curve and dive deeper into the techniques and facts than are likely to find in most contemporary books and blogs. I will discuss techniques that go beyond the working print and talk about the science of the chemistry and the used techniques. Of course I will also discuss the prints themselves and how they can be made or improved. Besides prints, I will also talk about the entire workflow and gear from capturing the photo on film to final presentation on the wall.

So, who am I? My name is Roy Bijster and I am an engineer and scientist based in theĀ Netherlands. I enjoy (analog) photography and dark room work as a hobby and my professional and academic background makes me inclined to delve deeper into the techniques and chemistry. If you want to know more or get in touch, please drop me a line via or visit my personal website.




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