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Category: Darkroom Bookshelf

Book reviews of (analog) photography books, discussing darkroom techniques or displaying prints.

Book review of “A textbook of photographic chemistry” by D. John and G. Field

In my crusade to learn more about photographic chemistry I visited the US, UK and German versions of Amazon’s second hand scene and went on a book buying spree. One of the books that I purchased is “A textbook of photographic chemistry” by D.H.O. John and G.T.J. Field, which was published in 1963. I bought my copy from for less than 9 euros in okay condition. The binding is reinforced with clear tape, the dust cover is missing and it contains some markings, but nothing that spoils it from being a decent read. Although it may be annoying to read…

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Book review of K.I. Jacobson’s ‘Developing – The negative technique’

As it says on the about page of this blog, I am an engineer and scientist and rather technically inclined when it comes to my photography. Especially when it comes to my analog photography, and photo chemistry is a large part of that indeed. On advice of a member of the dutch ‘Analog Only’ facebook group, I purchased ‘Developing, the negative technique’ by K.I. Jacobson and R.E. Jacobson (ISBN 0 240 44770 0). Specifically, I got the eighteenth revised edition that was printed in 1976. I ordered it from a secondhand dealer via for €3,86 including shipping. A real steal if…

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The (al)chemist: formulary and chemistry books

For those that keep track of this blog somewhat regularly will not be surprised when I tell you that I am technically inclined. I have an interest in the chemistry of analog photography and recently purchased a few books on the topic. While I am reading them one by one, I am also writing reviews so you know which ones to get yourself. In this post, I will maintain a list of resources for you to consult and I provide mini-reviews of each. You will find links to the full reviews in the descriptions. This post will be a rolling release,…

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Book review of Tim Rudman’s “The Photographer’s Master Printing Course”

When I wrote my previous post, I decided it was time to get back out there and shoot more film. Unfortunately, the weather has been terrible since, with lots of rain or very dull, featureless, grey skies. Not being outdoors shooting or in the darkroom printing photos, leaves time to read though, and I have been going through Tim Rudman’s book titled “The Photographer’s Master Printing Course” (ISBN 1-85732-407-2) which can be had second hand for roughly 15 euro online. The review below concerns the 1995 reprint of the 1994 edition of the book. A revised version was published in…

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