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Darkroom economy: printing (cost) effectively?

Those that start working in the dark room to develop their own films and make their own prints soon find out that this is not a cheap hobby to pursue, especially compared to shooting fully digital. Now, some argue that because of the added expense of shooting film they shoot more deliberate, their pictures are better and their keep rate goes up. Although this is probably true to some extent, it does not outweigh the added cost of developing every photo to print. So, how to keep cost down if you prefer shooting film over digital? Here are three ideas I picked…

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Photo chemistry and paper: where to shop in Europe?

I just received some fresh supplies: a new box of Ilford Multigrade RC paper, three packs of Kodak D76, 1 l of Ilford Rapid Fixer and a 500 ml bottle of Adonal (more on this later!).  In this post I discuss four shops where you can source your photochemistry and printing supplies if you are in the Netherlands or Europe. Where to get you supplies? What places have the best deals, the largest inventory or the fastest shipping? Scroll down for more! Het Beeldgebouw This company specializes in printing and presentation of photos. Besides their regular services they also feature…

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Method: making truthful reproductions of prints

Disclaimer, 22 december 2015: Only recently I realized that the variations measured are in tens of stops. F5.6 7 on the meter means is F/5.6 + 2/3 stop or F/7.1, rather than close to F/5.7. This make the measured deviations and gradients considerably larger. With proper illumination these gradients can still be eliminated. Making wet prints is at the heart of what I do here, but what would a photography blog be without photos of the prints I make? The first thing that might come to mind is simply putting the print onto a flatbed scanner. A proper photo scanner will…

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Welcome to the Printer Attic!

The title says it all, welcome to the printer attic! I will be taking you along on my personal journey on becoming a better printer in the darkroom. With a background in engineering and science, I take a systematic approach towards photography and my darkroom work.

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