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Month: December 2015

Method: storage of photographic film

Say, you just bought 10 rolls of film and plan to shoot them in the coming year. Or you have multiple printing papers that you use, some of which you use seldom. How do you store these properly and how do you keep them from developing undesired artifacts, such as a change in sensitivity (speed), contrast, color balance and fog level? Browsing the online photography fora will bring you a plethora of opinions and experiences with regard to the proper storage of unexposed photographic material. Some people claim that film that had been stored in a freezer for 28 years…

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Self portrait: burning in the highlights

In this first installment of the Print Improvement section of this blog, I return to a print I made in April this year. My girlfriend and I were at Scheveningen beach, when I asked her to take this portrait of me. The original print is shown in Figure 1, and was printed for the midtones to get skintones that looked okay to me. Although I was not unsatisfied with the original print, I felt there was more to it than I got out of it in that session. A second look at the contact sheet (see Figure 2), shows that there is quite some…

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Update: Why was it so quiet and what is coming up?

As you may have noted, it has been rather quiet on the blog for some months. This has multiple reasons, most of them related to time and unfortunate scheduling. All lead me to shooting less, and thus also printing less. Now the holiday season is near and I will have some spare time in the coming weeks, I hope to shoot a few rolls and do some dark room magic. In photography related news: I have sold off most of my studio equipment and replaced it by a new Sekonic L-758D light meter and a starter set of LEE filters.…

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