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Month: January 2018

The making of a print: Energiecentrale

A while ago I asked some followers on Twitter what they would like to see more of on the blog and one exclaimed ‘photos!’. And I agree, there should indeed be a few more of my own photos on this blog. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at a print I made past Sunday. During my Christmas break we had exactly 2 days that were not wet and cloudy, and the weather was actually quite nice on this day. I live not far from an old power plant that is no longer in operation full time, and on…

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Announcement: #PrintParteh

Although I write about a lot of topics related to analog photography in general, ranging from equipment to film tests, this blog is called Printer Attic. One of the goals of this blog is to spread the love, art and skill of making prints in the darkroom. On the initiative of avid printer @DrMarsRover, we are hosting the #PrintParteh. This month, a printing party will take place online March 2018. The schedule is very simple: March 5, 2018 – March 25, 2018: Print and share your story, your test strips, contact prints, you name it. We want to see your…

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Tripod review: Gitzo GT4543LS and Arca Swiss P0

It’s a tool I can’t do without and one that I carry on almost every trip. Maybe you’ve guessed it: a tripod. This three legged, underrated accessory fulfills a simple yet essential task for many photographers. It supports the camera and keeps it in a fixed position and orientation during exposure. Independent of your choice of subject, a good tripod needs to be sturdy, damp vibrations quickly and be portable. After I started shooting large format film, I noticed that the tripod I used wasn’t working out well with the new camera and the longer exposure times. It showed drift…

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