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Month: April 2018

Fixing a Seiko leaf shutter: putting the shutter blades back in place

The Fuji SW 90mm f/8 lens was the first lens I got in addition to the Rodenstock Sironar-N 150 mm that I got with the camera. Not too long ago, two of the shutter blades got dislodged and I was left with a broken shutter. Instead of spending the price I paid for the lens on a professional repair job, I decided to open it up and carefully see if this was something I could fix myself. As it turns out: I could, and I did. In today’s post, I describe the process and my lessons learnt. I took way…

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The (al)chemist: formulary and chemistry books

For those that keep track of this blog somewhat regularly will not be surprised when I tell you that I am technically inclined. I have an interest in the chemistry of analog photography and recently purchased a few books on the topic. While I am reading them one by one, I am also writing reviews so you know which ones to get yourself. In this post, I will maintain a list of resources for you to┬áconsult and I provide mini-reviews of each. You will find links to the full reviews in the descriptions. This post will be a rolling release,…

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#PrintParteh – In review

On January 25, I announced the #printparteh hashtag and the associated print party that was to take place on Twitter from March 5 to April 1, 2018. In this post, we will have a look at the outcome and summarize what people contributed and learned. What better way to summarize a bunch of Tweets than a curated set of Tweet? I have embedded the originals below, so feel free to click and read the entire thread back on Twitter. In my opinion, this set provides a nice — but far from complete — overview of all the contributions. If you…

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