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Month: October 2018

Understanding the effect of temperature in film development

Temperature is one of many parameters that influence the rate of film development. Manufacturers standardize their adviced development times under the assumption you are developing at 20 C / 68 F, and they supply handy tables and graphs such as this one by Ilford (thanks for the link, Erik Gould!) to correct the development time if your temperatures are off. On Twitter, Dev Samaddar posted the following the other day: Why is development times always listed for 68ºF? Is the temp-time relationship linear? — Dev Samaddar (@dsamaddar) October 24, 2018 In this post, we will explore this topic further and try…

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Making a custom foam insert for a Pelican case, or: how to transport a Sinar P2

Large format cameras come in two flavors: field-cameras and studio cameras. While the former is typically ‘light’ and can be folded into a package that can be carried in a backpack, the latter is typically large and bulky, and unwieldy to carry on the back. When I got the Sinar P2, the main problem I faced was how to store and transport it. I don’t intend to go hike with it, but I would like to be able to take to a location that can be reached by public transport or by car. There are some cases available that were sold…

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