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Do it yourself projects

Making a custom foam insert for a Pelican case, or: how to transport a Sinar P2

Large format cameras come in two flavors: field-cameras and studio cameras. While the former is typically ‘light’ and can be folded into a package that can be carried in a backpack, the latter is typically large and bulky, and unwieldy to carry on the back.¬†When I got the Sinar P2, the main problem I faced was how to store and transport it. I don’t intend to go hike with it, but I would like to be able to take to a location that can be reached by public transport or by car. There are some cases available that were sold…

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Fixing a Seiko leaf shutter: putting the shutter blades back in place

The Fuji SW 90mm f/8 lens was the first lens I got in addition to the Rodenstock Sironar-N 150 mm that I got with the camera. Not too long ago, two of the shutter blades got dislodged and I was left with a broken shutter. Instead of spending the price I paid for the lens on a professional repair job, I decided to open it up and carefully see if this was something I could fix myself. As it turns out: I could, and I did. In today’s post, I describe the process and my lessons learnt. I took way…

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